Nice original condition Viking outboard motors.

A really nice 1950 3 HP owned by Louis Leroeye, of Manitoba Canada.

My 1952 12 hp Viking.

A nice 1956 5 HP owned by Chris Lucas of Ontario, Canada.

A nice 1956 3 HP owned by Wayne Jacklin of Ontario, Canada.

A 1957 25 HP owned by Bob Bainas of B.C.

A really nice 1958 5 HP owned by Kristian Vicei.

A nice 1958-59 3 HP beside a 1963 Gale

owned by Dave Kennedy of Ontario Canada.

My 1958 12 hp Viking model 12D17V

A nice 1959 3 hp, owned by Richard Paquette.

My 1959 35 hp Viking.

A 1961 15 HP owned by Bob Bainas of B.C.

A nice 1962 5 HP owned by Roger Hopson.

Al Lockhart's 1963 25 HP with my 1963 3 HP and 1960's Eaton's Viking Water Skis on display at the Sudbury Sportsman Show, April 2008.

A late 1960's 3.5 HP owned by Bruce Reinhart of Ontario.

Got an example of good original condition Viking outboard motor, email pictures and I will post them here.

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